St. J Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, LLC

A Division on Reed Supply Company

Reed Supply has been in service for 191 years, proudly supplying high quality logging, mill and industrial supplies (as well as fire extinguishers) at affordable prices and delivering our products throughout most of Vermont and western N.H. We created St. J. Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, LLC as a “stand alone” company from Reed Supply Co. Inc. so that  we  can provide even better service. We look forward to growing our Fire Extinguisher business with you and providing you and your business with high quality fire extinguishers and service that you can depend on.

Your Source for Amerex Fire Extinguishers

We have a fire extinguisher for every need. We offer a large selection of Amerex ABC, Co2, Halotron and more. We offer free delivery in Vermont and western New Hampshire. We also offer free training in the best ways to protect yourself from fire and in the use of our fire extinguishers. Call 802-748-3584 to arrange an appointment.

We Sell, Maintain, and Inspect Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers help your business prevent major fires and help meet insurance company requirements. We provide annual/monthly inspections, service, recharging, hydrotests, and meet six year maintenance requirements. We give “hands on” classes to businesses and schools.

The AMEREX Corporation

Amerex has been providing QUALITY and INNOVATIVE fire fighting products for over 30 years and is the recognized world leader in the manufacture of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. The all metal valve construction and threads (vs. plastic threads found on the cheaper “chain store” brands) insure there is no leak down or pressure loss after being serviced or recharged. This quality construction means Amerex products are more economical to maintain and service, and they have a longer overall life.